Market Outlook – June 2020

Elon Musk’s SpaceX created history by launching astronauts into the space for the first time ever from a commercially made spacecraft. This at a time when the world is still struggling with the virus lends out some hope, that we should not write off human ingenuity. It also underscores the importance of innovation and technology […]

Market Outlook – April 2020

Pandemic and recovery hereon Over the past few decades, the world has seen recessions, wars, and natural calamities; yet, a pandemic of the magnitude that we are witnessing today perhaps only happens once a century. Yet, to say that this event was a Black Swan, an “unknown unknown”, something we didn’t know that we don’t […]

Market Outlook – January 2020

Global Market US Economy: The US Federal Reserve (Fed) kept interest rates unchanged at 1.5-1.75% and signaled keeping them steady through 2020. Meanwhile, the US gross domestic product (GDP) advanced 2.1% on-year in the third quarter (Q3) of 2019 compared with 2% growth in Q2 2019. Eurozone: The European Central Bank (ECB) kept its main […]

5 Myths and Facts about Mutual Fund Investments

One of the biggest hurdles in the journey of investing is getting over the myths that bear no foundation or truth. But we believe it because everyone does. Here are some of the most common myths and facts of investors about investing in mutual funds: 1. Mutual Funds need large investment Fact: Mutual funds do not need large […]

EPF Advance Withdrawal Rules & Limits

The Employee Provident Fund or EPF funds is conventionally meant to be utilised after the retirement of an employee, however, the EPFO allows an individual to withdraw the amount before retirement also – that too under certain conditions, tax-free. Employee Provident fund is a saving vehicle designed by EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) under Ministry […]

Gift-Giving Etiquettes

The holidays are a time for goodwill and expressing appreciation for others, but there is always the chance of an awkward moment when you receive a gift or give one to someone you do not know that well. There are rules of etiquette for gift-giving, but everyone’s interpretation of these unwritten rules is different. To avoid embarrassing […]

Market Outlook – December 2019

IBC, Financial Sector and Current Developments Even as we have stayed positive on Indian markets over the past few months, we have repeatedly highlighted stress in the financial sector as the key risk for markets as well as the real economy. And on that front, recent developments provide some glimmer of hope. First, the Supreme […]

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