Individual Query Consultancy Services: Rs. 1,475.00*

Broadly, the individual queries for consultancy can be jotted down in following advisory services.

  1. Insurance Advisory
  2. Financial Planning Advisory
  3. Income Tax Saving Advisory
  4. Child Education/Marriage Planning
  5. Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning: Rs. 7080.00*

This is the detailed financial planning done for an investor. It includes:

  1. Insurance (health and life) Advisory,
  2. Income Tax Saving Advisory,
  3. Financial Goal Planning,
  4. Contingency Planning
  5. Estate Planning
  6. Financial Planning Advisory

Subsequent such planning will cost 50% of prevailing rate at any later period.

Concierges Services

The other services that we provide are as below:

  1. Income Tax Returns filing for Individuals – Rs. 500.00 (minimum – depending on the efforts)
  2. PAN Card Application – Rs. 200.00
  3. Balance Sheet Preparation – Rs. 2,000.00 per year (minimum – depending on the efforts)
  4. Unsecured Corporate Loan Brokerage(upto Rs. 20 Crores) – 01.50% of the loan amount
  5. Secured Corporate Loan Brokerage – No Obligation
  6. Housing Loan Brokerage – No Obligation
  7. Bonds and Fixed Deposits – No Obligation

For any other Service Enquiry, please contact customer care or leave a note behind.

* Including 18% Good and Services Tax