About Us


About Us

myFin Advisor is an ambitious and leading financial advisory company based in India; run by an IIT Bombay graduate. We consult across the globe for individual and corporate finances. Our combined experience into advisory and investment is years. Our key to success is customer oriented approach along with high quality advices.

The firm focuses on advising, consulting and planning wealth for resident Indians and non-residents. Its investment advices are quality and time-tested and based on client's risk appetite.

We can help our clients in following areas:

Retail Investors - Indian, NRI, PIO, Expatriat:
  1. Indian Income Tax
  2. Insurance - Life and General
  3. Equity Shares
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Financial Planning
  6. Loans - all kinds
  7. Real-Estate Planning
We provide planning to execution solution to all your financial needs.
  1. Retirement Planning,
  2. Financial Planning,
  3. Debt Restructuring
  4. Insurance Advisory,
  5. Mutual Fund Investment &
  6. Equity Investments

are all planned and executed for any retail investors. This is done irrespective of wherever you are.

Corporates In India and Abroad:
  1. Arranging funds from Venture Capitalists or other investors
  2. Indian Income Tax - Chartered Accountant Services
  3. Insurance - Group Health & Term
  4. Loans - Secured and Unsecured
  5. Investments - Short Term or Very Short Terms

For corporates of India, we provide secured and unsecured loans along with investment advisories for their funds.

Considering this, we are open anytime, wherever you are – We cater through phone calls and emails only.

Our Values & Vision

Value for any individual or corporate is a must. Our Advisory Services and employees are driven by following values:

1. Customer Focus

2. Professionalism

3. Continuous Learning

4. Integrity

5. Ethical Practices

We long ourselves to be client’s high-performance growth partner of choice for her wealth creation for life.

We wish to be a 'family' wealth-advisor for you for life.

  • It’s awesome.. must go with.. I suggested to my friends also.


  • Used the services of MyFin Advisor for ITR filing. Great service and after sales service.


  • Mr. Peeyoosh is a thorough professional, very well read fin advisor and a good human being. I have great professional experiences on fin matters with him and I always find him rendering quality advice and services.

    Brig Pramod Kumar


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